Oral History Project, Waterford City & County, Ireland.

Emigration and Immigration to Waterford

Diverse Waterford is a project to record the voices of lots of voices and to explore the rich history of Waterford and its wider international connections and history. Waterford is located on the south east coast of Ireland and people have travelled to and from the City and County for hundreds of years. New people have arrived on these shores, bringing new voices and new ideas, contributing and creating the Waterford identity. The famous Waterford blaa arrived with Hugenot settlers to Waterford and the iconic Waterford Glass owes much of its revival to Czech immigration to Waterford.

These recordings give a glimpse into the lives and stories of new arrivals to Waterford and into efforts to help them integrate and contribute to Waterford and become part of the story of Waterford.

They also tell the tales of the loss of generations of Waterford people who left Waterford for new lives around the world. People record the sad goodbyes; the strange parcels from far away and the excitement of returning visitors.

Audio Playlist